ESG reporting: a route through a maze

Anuj Saush discusses how companies can manage their ESG reporting workload in a more productive way.

There has been dramatic growth in ESG (Environmental, Sustainability and Governance) investing during the past 20 years – but along with this positive trend  comes an equally dramatic rise in ESG reporting requirements, and a proliferation of rating agencies and assessment tools. 

How are companies coping with this development? The Conference Board surveyed 61 sustainability executives to find out. The bottom line: while ESG reporting can be onerous, it’s possible to manage and improve the process – and there are multiple benefits to be gained from it. 

Key issues in ESG reporting

Some of the negative aspects of ESG reporting include: 

Providing ESG information is a heavy lift. Companies take 18 workdays, on average, to respond to each ESG information request, and typically respond to more than one such request each year. Among ...
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