Environment Agency launches post-COVID plan

The Environment Agency has launched its five-year plan for a greener, healthier future, warning that business as usual after COVID-19 won’t be enough to address the challenges we face.

EA2025 calls for a new approach, promoting health, equality and environmental enhancement. It says the pandemic presents an opportunity to reshape the future and can help society understand the century’s largest health threat: climate change.

By 2025, the Agency aims to create more climate-resilient places and infrastructure by ensuring the nation is prepared for flooding, coastal change and drought. The plan also puts focus on improving air, land and water health for people and nature, and ensuring green growth for the future.

Sir James Bevan, chief executive of the Agency, said: “Tackling climate change must become a default position for everyone. We know that life post-lockdown presents a unique opportunity to change the way we live and work for the better.

“We have been gifted a glimpse of how we could adapt our lives and think differently about how we operate. This applies not just to us but to the communities we serve, too. People are ready to think differently, and with our new five-year plan we want to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime chance to lead the way.”

You can read the full plan at cedr.ec/73q

Image credit | Getty
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