Download your new Sustainability in Practice guide

Sustainability in Practice: Managing Compliance with Environmental and Human Rights Law in Organisations was launched on 27 September.

Given requirements around environmental and human rights protection, compliance can be a challenge – so IEMA commissioned the guide as an update to 2005’s Managing Compliance with Environmental Law Practitioner.

The new guide was written by Colleen Theron FIEMA, director of Ardea International, and was developed with the involvement of more than 100 IEMA members and other leading professionals. It outlines the legal and moral duties that organisations must comply with, and gives clear guidance on the considerations of business growth, innovation and value creation without degrading the environment or harming society.

“The consequences of non-compliance in organisations are multifaceted and can be significant,” said Martin Baxter, IEMA’s chief policy advisor. “This guide has therefore been developed to help environment and sustainability professionals put management processes in place that will help ensure compliance.”

Theron explained why the guide has widened its scope: “While the guide still focuses on the relevance of having a management system in place, incorporating human rights legislation and social issues into the management approach is critical as the trend towards reporting on both environmental and human rights is not decreasing.”

The guide is free to download to IEMA members. It can also be purchased in hard copy from the members’ shop – £15 for members or £25 for non-members. Go to to download or buy today.

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