Disruptive technologies and modern slavery

In September, IEMA engaged with 40 members in their capacity as professionals working in supply chain transparency to inform our response to the Home Office consultation on transparency in supply chains.

IEMA stressed that the need for guidance on how to prepare modern slavery statements under the Modern Slavery Act, and how to interpret them, is the most important feature that should be included in a central government registry. Find out more at bit.ly/2nVnexg

The fourth industrial revolution is causing a shift in the way we live and work – the majority of which is yet to be understood and resolved. To resolve this, the IEMA Fellows Working Group on Disruptive Technologies and the Digital Economy has been putting together a thought piece on disruptive technologies and sustainability. The piece seeks to demystify the landscape of disruptive technologies and their impact on the global transition to sustainability, and sends out a call for action by environment and sustainability professionals and the wider IEMA membership. For more information please register at bit.ly/2IPJznm for the webinar launch on 10 December.

Responsibility for environmental, social and economic impact is often fragmented across organisations and governments. This means sustainability frequently remains outside the core business model for many organisations. Yet in the face of slower national engagement, cross-sector alliances between cities, regions and businesses present opportunities to ramp up leadership and promote more integrated sustainability values.

The IEMA Fellows network will convene for its end-of-year event on 12 December for a discussion on sustainability leadership. While an opportunity to review Fellows’ engagement throughout the year, outcomes from the session will be used to inform a focused roundtable discussion on sustainability leadership in Manchester in early 2020. All output from these discussions will be compiled in an insight briefing for IEMA members.

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