Declaring your data

Gordon Miller provides an update on environmental product declarations in the construction industry

Verified environmental product declarations (EPD) in the construction sector have increased substantially in the past year and growth is expected to continue.

According to consultancy Construction LCA, more EN 15804-compliant EPDs were published in the ten months between March 2016 and January 2017 than published in the two years between March 2014 and March 2016. And, by the start of 2017 more than 3,500 EPD verified to 15804 for construction products had been published.

The global reach is expanding too. Construction product EPD programmes in Poland, Italy and Slovenia have published their first 15804 declarations, while EPD Ireland has launched. There are now around 20 EPD programmes globally that publish verified 15804 declarations. IBU, based in Germany, has published half of all EPD, demonstrating the increasing maturity of EPD in the country and across mainland Europe.

Greater understanding

In the UK, BRE, the research establishment for the built environment, has developed a comprehensive EPD programme aligned with the European standard 15804: 2012 +A1: 2013 for construction products. BRE also operates an EPD membership programme that includes a range of organisations including Crown Paints, Sika, Forterra, Saint Gobain, Rockpanel and Synthos. Crown Paints has several product EPDs. Forterra has an EPD for its Thermalite Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block. Sika holds five EPD including for ...

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