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What three books have informed your thinking, broadened your horizon, and influenced your actions? This month, Marek Bidwell presents his selection…

My Family and Other Animals
Gerald Durrell 

My favourite childhood book. Durrell writes vividly about nature in Corfu, an island where I fell in love with the sea. Roaming from hills to shore, he collects and observes, experiments and touches. The fight scene between his pet praying mantis and a gecko on the bedroom ceiling is mesmerising.

The God Species 
Mark Lynas

Inspired by Rockström’s concept of planetary boundaries, Lynas paints a picture of the environmental challenges facing humanity. But this is not your typical serving of doom and gloom. Formerly an anti-GM campaigner, the ‘reformed’ writer makes a case for greater use of controversial technologies, from genetic engineering to nuclear power. And I love a good debate!

Doughnut Economics 
Kate Raworth

Environmentalists must engage with economics to make a difference. Raworth explodes longstanding myths and rewrites the economic textbook, adding the word ‘ethics’ into ‘economics. She completes the planetary boundaries model by incorporating social issues, and shows that inequality and environmental degradation are not necessary for progress.

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