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New books to be inspired by...

The Harmony Debates: Exploring a Practical Philosophy for a Sustainable Future
Edited by Nicholas Campion

This anthology gathers together an interdisciplinary array of experts, academics and practitioners to explore what ‘harmony’ means and how we can use it.

One traditional view is that everything in the universe operates in a state of balance, while another assumes the interconnectedness of all things – an idea central to ecological thought. Such thoughts also lead to action and policy decisions: for example, how do we conduct business, educate children, protect the environment, resolve conflict and promote health and wellbeing in a world in which all things are fundamentally connected? This book provides a range of perspectives.

The Disappearance of Butterflies

Josef H Reichholf

Eminent entomologist Josef H Reichholf brings a lifetime of scientific experience and expertise to bear on one of the great environmental catastrophes of our time. He takes us on a journey into the wonderful field of butterflies and moths, and immerses us in a world that we are in danger of losing forever. 

Step by step, he explains the science behind this impending ecological disaster and shows how it is linked to pesticides, over-fertilisation and intensive farming practices. This book is a plea for biodiversity and the protection of these remarkable insects.

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