Climate change tops CEO mentions on Twitter

Climate change has become the most frequently mentioned theme among the world’s leading CEOs on Twitter, research from GlobalData has uncovered.



Its CEO Influencer platform, which captures the discussions of over 300 business leaders on Twitter, reveals a 202% increase in climate change conversations over the last two quarters.

There was an 104% increase in mentions of the environment recorded, with the economy, government policy and health experiencing rises of 40%, 25% and 12% respectively.

This reflects how the global climate crisis has a huge impact on the economy, ecosystem, human health and agriculture, according to the analysis by GlobalData.

“Any changes in climate can severely influence various business segments as it results in the scarcity of resources, invariably making global markets compete for commodities,” said GlobalData influencer research head, Amandeep Gill.

“Therefore, sustainable development goals should be framed to not only support biodiversity and environment, but also enhance the economic growth for future resilience, maintenance and productivity.”

The increased climate change discussion comes during a year of heightened media attention on activists like Greta Thunberg, suggesting that recent climate protests have helped raise awareness.

GlobalData also found that the Paris Agreement was one of the key trending topics on Twitter among influencers in the last quarter, with CEOs found to be discussing steps by the UN in dealing with climate change.

The influencers also discussed countries such as China, India, the US and Indonesia, and implementing these steps for the betterment of global climate conditions.

“Business leaders are making progress on sustainability,” Gill continued. 

“Using their right leadership and correct business models, CEOs continue to nurture innovative and smart initiatives on global climate change as they understand that economic and environmental future depends on it.”


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Chris Seekings is a reporter for TRANSFORM

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