Climate Change and Energy Toolbox

Developed by IEMA’s Climate and Energy network, the Climate Change and Energy Toolbox is live and online at

Guidance is split into six sections: Climate Change Adaptation, Climate Change Policy, Communicating Climate Change, Carbon GHGs and Energy, Mitigating with Adaptation, and Vision and Strategy.

The toolbox was created to help members address climate change, whatever their career stage or the size of the organisation they work in. Some tools are more relevant to specific sectors, such as finance and construction, but there are others with many wide applications. 

Feedback is great, with comments being left in the reading room including: 

“I found some of the sections particularly interesting – including energetic video explainers from Kate Hayhoe, free pictures, and some short courses from the Sustainability Supply Chain School – mainly aimed at the construction sector, I will find them useful when we put up new buildings and carry out refurbishments. I will also be looking at the Adaptation Capability Framework to see just where our organisational gaps are.”

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