Brexit: what’s next for the UK’s young sustainability professionals?

Now that the decision has been made to leave the bloc, practitioners involved in IEMA Futures, the body’s project to develop understanding of the profession’s future needs, strongly believe that the role of young sustainability professionals is more important than ever.

We are experiencing a time of great uncertainty as the UK begins the long, and complex process of reviewing its relationship with the rest of Europe and agreeing a deal on the terms of its departure. However, IEMA Futures does not see this uncertainty as negative when it comes to rallying for the environment. Rather, we believe this is an opportunity to ensure a post-Brexit UK aspires to develop innovative green businesses, generates sustainable growth, and plays a key role in environmental protection and climate change mitigation.

Brexit is not all about the environment, however. The referendum highlighted deep divisions in the country, with many who voted to leave doing so because they felt let down and left behind. As sustainability professionals our voice is also key ...

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