Brexit, climate change and electric cars feature in Queen’s speech

Legislation to repeal the 1972 European Communities Act and give Parliament the power to make changes to EU-derived laws has been tabled by the government. 

The Queen’s speech, which outlines the legislative agenda for the next Parliament, contained a pledge to continue to support international action against climate change, including the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

The speech also introduced the following bills related to energy and the environment: 

Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill. This will introduce a requirement to install charge points for electric vehicles at motorway service areas and large fuel retailers, and require common technical and operational standards. High Speed 2 Phase 2A Bill. This will accelerate the building of a connection to Crewe on the high speed rail line; provide powers to compulsorily purchase the land needed to construct and operate the railway and deemed planning permission for the scheme.  Smart Meter Bill. This ensures smart meters will be ...
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