Arrests on illegally operated waste site in Lincolnshire

Officers from the Environment Agency and Lincolnshire police have raided an illegal waste site in Long Bennington, Lincolnshire, and arrested two people.

The Environment Agency had received intelligence that lorries of waste were being accepted on the site and burned illegally. The site, which covered an area the size of a football pitch, had large piles of burning waste on it, including plastic waste, commercial waste and household furniture. Smoke from the burning waste was causing a significant impact on local residents as well as posing a risk to the environment. 

Agency officers noticed that despite lockdown, activity at the site had intensified in recent weeks, and decided to take action. The site had already been investigated for illegal waste activity, with officers visiting the site in January. The recent raid saw two arrests, seizures of a lorry and excavator, legal notices issued and all entrances to the site blocked off, so activity on the site has ceased.

Norman Robinson, area director for the Environment Agency, commented: “Deliberately stockpiling and burning waste that should be safely disposed of is dangerous enough, but doing so in the current situation while people and legitimate businesses are so restricted shows a shocking disregard for our communities, society and the environment. This should serve as a warning to those who would flout not just the law, but the lockdown – we and our partners are still fighting to put a stop to waste crime and we won’t hesitate to take action.”

Investigations will continue, and work will begin to remove waste from the site.  If further legal action follows, those responsible will be facing the potential of extensive fines and even prison.


Picture Credit | iStock
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