2019 World Environment Day to focus on air pollution

Around seven million people die prematurely from air pollution each year. The UN’s World Environment Day 2019 (WED19) will urge governments, industry, communities and individuals to tackle the issue.

There are two types of air pollution: indoor (household), caused by cooking stoves, heating and lighting, and outdoor (ambient), caused by power generation, transport, industrial furnaces, wildfires, agriculture, etc. The financial costs of environment-related health risks are around 5%-10% of GDP, with air pollution taking the highest toll.

“Air pollution affects over 91% of the world’s population and requires concerted action to raise awareness and reduce harmful emissions,” said IEMA director of policy Martin Baxter. “Working together, environment and sustainability professionals can help to make a positive difference.”

IEMA is working with leading organisations to raise awareness for WED19 and help empower others to act. In the lead-up to WED19, we’ll be sharing information on how to address air pollution. We are looking for members to share experiences through blogs, case studies, webinars and event speaking opportunities. Send an outline of your ideas, experience or knowledge to sj.oates@iema.net


Image credit | iStock
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