1bn people could be displaced by 2050

Climate change, conflict and civil unrest threaten to displace one billion people by 2050, triggering huge political and social impacts worldwide. 

The warning comes from a report by the Institute for Economics and Global Peace (IEP), which explains that 31 countries do not have sufficient resilience to withstand ecological shocks. Pakistan has the largest number of people at risk of mass displacements, followed by Ethiopia and Iran. 

Moreover, some of the countries most threatened by ecological threats are among the least peaceful, with natural disasters, a lack of access to food, and water stress all posing significant risks to regional and global security. However, regions with high resilience – such as Europe and North America – are not immune from the looming crisis, and can expect a significant number of refugees from war-torn countries.

“This will have huge social and political impacts,” said IEP founder Steve Killelea. “Ecological change is the next big global threat to our planet and people’s lives, and we must unlock the power of business and government action to build resilience for the places most at risk.”

Read the full report here: bit.ly/32DdAkj

Image credit | Shutterstock
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