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Hope springs eternal

The Natural History Museum’s curator of marine mammals, Richard Sabin, tells Chris Seekings about the institution’s latest star attraction and his optimism that it will inspire future generations to conserve our natural world

29 September 2017

Smart management and monitoring of utilities

The Internet of Things and ‘smart sensors’ are industry buzzwords at the moment, but what do they mean for the monitoring and management of utilities use Rosa Richards reports

29 September 2017

Counting carbon

John Lanchbery believes there are real opportunities to fix the land use accounting rules in tackling national emission reduction targets 

29 September 2017




Pollution linked to one in six deaths worldwide

Pollution has been linked to an estimated nine million deaths in 2015 – equivalent to one-sixth of all fatalities that year, according to a report published in The Lancet

Global | Pollution & Waste Management | Air | 20 October 2017

World’s first floating wind farm unveiled in Scotland

Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon yesterday opened the world’s first floating wind farm in the North Sea – around 16 miles from the Aberdeenshire town of Peterhead.

19 October 2017

Planting trees most cost-effective way of reducing carbon emissions

Reforestation and other natural climate solutions could cost-effectively provide 37% of the CO2 emissions reductions needed to hold global warming below 2˚C as set out in the Paris Climate Agreement.

17 October 2017

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October 2017: New regulations

A round-up of new regulations from the TRANSFORM October issue.

Politics & Economics | Legislation | 10 October 2017
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September 2017: New regulations

A round-up of new regulations from the TRANSFORM September issue.

10 October 2017

IEMA's new qualifications with Emma Bellingham

IEMA’s head of training and development, Emma Bellingham, tells Transform more about the environmental management courses on offer, what they entail, and who should apply 

29 September 2017



IEMA launches post-Brexit environmental principles

IEMA launches post-Brexit environmental principles

IEMA has today published its guiding principles for protecting and enhancing the UK’s environment after leaving the EU.

3 October 2017

GESA springs to life

On the 25 May, there was a formal launch of the new Specialist Network for Global Environment and Social Assessment practitioners: GESA. Organised by the GESA National Steering Group, and hosted at WSP’s offices in Chancery Lane, London, the session marked the first seminar in this exciting technical area.

29 September 2017

What would your sustainable city look like?

More than half of the world’s population now live in cities, and this will rise to two-thirds by 2050. How will cities – their services, infrastructure, governance, natural capital – meet the demands of so many? The stakes are high, and we must take the time right now to take a look at how cities need to adapt.

29 September 2017
Join the Professional Standards Committee

Join the Professional Standards Committee

Earlier this year, IEMA set out to refresh its Professional Standards Committee to ensure continued safeguarding of professional standards. The new panel has been in place since March, and it is now looking to appoint two additional committee members to fully reflect IEMA’s broad scope. 

29 September 2017

IEMA awards FIEMA status to experienced and influential members

IEMA awards FIEMA status to the following individuals and congratulates them on their success

29 September 2017

IEMA calls for scrutiny on EU (Withdrawal) Bill

As MPs begin to debate the landmark EU (Withdrawal) Bill, IEMA and other professional bodies have called for meaningful parliamentary scrutiny of environmental policies and laws.

29 September 2017
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